What is a Nuru Massage?


Nuru massage is an erotic massage which traces its origins back to Japan, but has recently gained more popularity in the western world. But what exactly does it consist of? Is it just your typical spa day massage or something else?

The nuru massage is definitely different what what you may come to expect from a massage and might not be appealing to every client. Lets further discuss what this type of massage is and whether it may be for you… or if you should look elsewhere for your relaxation needs.

What is it?

What makes this massage technique unique is that a masseuse uses his or her entire body to massage the client. It is a massage that requires a lot of trust between therapist and client because of the close proximity it involves. As any other massage, it is typically given on a massage table or bed, but there is something that really sets this message apart from others. Nuru comes from the Japanese word for slippery. “Why?”, you may ask. This is because both the masseuse and the client are covered in a nuru massage gel. The gel itself is odorless, colorless and made from Nori Seaweed.

There has been a recent up-rise in popularity for the nuru massage. A recent report showed that 40 percent of London men reported having had one from a therapist in the last six months. However, it is important to note that these massages are not only for men. People of any sex, or sexual orientation can enjoy these massages.


For couples, this type of massage can be used to spice up their relationship. The experience of new sensations together and the closeness of the massage can help promote greater comfort with one another. The intimate nature of the massage itself can help strengthen a relationships emotional connectedness. For the Japanese, these massages is not just a massage, it is a spiritual experience.

Is the Nuru Massage for you?

If you are just looking for a traditional massage meant to help your tired shoulders or neck relax then you might want to look else where. Being in full contact with another person may be off putting towards some so proceed with caution if this is an issue for you.

However, if you are looking for a more intimate experience or something that can improve the intimacy you have with your partner then you might want to consider a nuru massage. If you are interested in exploring the health benefits of the nuru massage and improving  your body confidence, then grab some nuru gel.

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